The perfect app for your own digital assets.

Launch the app for your NEM mosaic in weeks.
Auditable and secure thanks to Blockchain technology.

Cut Your Blockchain App Development Costs

Satisfy your business needs using blockchain. For example, create your company's app for payments, fidelity points, tickets, discounts or turn everything into digital assets ... possibilities are endless!

Powered by NEM Blockchain

Totally Auditable

Any transaction done through the app it is auditable and can be consulted any time, providing transparency and veracity.

Embeddable to your current Information System

NEM provides the tools to integrate your current information system to the blockchain, only decentralizing what it is necessary.

Easy to use

NEMPay has been designed to be easily used by non blockchain expert users.

They would not know that they are using blockchain!

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Send and Receive Assets

Just selecting the asset and the amount to be sent. The recipient address can be selected from an address book, so it is no necessary remember all the characters of the address.

Pay scanning QR

Quick transactions made possible by using mobile camera, just scanning a simple QR code.

Available in multiple languages

NEMPay has been translated into English, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan, Polish, German, Russian and Korean.

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