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About NEM Pay

NEMPay is a mobile app to transfer NEM assets easily and securely.

Distributed as an open source solution, organizations and individuals can take advantage of NEMPay, using it as a boilerplate for creating their own NEM applications.

An example of use case is the creation of an app to transfer assets such as tickets, coupons, stocks or even share representation, cutting costs of acquisition, as there is no need to code a new app.

NEMPay was developed initially by AtrauraBlockchain and now maintained mainly by dgarcia360.

Email: dgarcia360[@]


Username Role
dgarcia360 Project lead
guillemsole NEM Library Integration
mizunashi Quality assurance & Japanese Translation
acastellana Quality assurance
jabo38 Quality assurance
cyrus1683 German Translation
shenrgc Spanish & Catalan Translation
tongokongo Polish Translation
seonhyeseonhye Korean Translation
yarkitest Russian Translation
Jordi Logo Designer

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